Widow granted £400,000 instalment from husband’s estate

A woman has been granted an interim instalment from the estate of her deceased husband to ease her financial struggles.

The woman had been married to a wealthy businessman. When he died, she sought to administer his estate.

However, the deceased man’s son from his first marriage began proceedings to replace her as the administrator.

She therefore applied for an interim payment of £400,000 to help her out of a financial difficulty while the proceedings took place.

In court, she provided evidence that the son and his side of the family had already received instalments from the estate’s worldwide assets.

The court granted the woman the interim payment of £400,000. It ruled that it would not prejudice the son and that side of the family because they had already received some of the assets.

However, it would prejudice the wife if she were not granted the money immediately to help her out of a dire financial situation.

Meanwhile, work to decide the division of the remainder of the estate could continue.

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Widow granted £400,000 instalment from husband’s estate
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