Streamlined land scheme to boost number of new homes

The government is hoping to provide more new homes by improving the way land is made available to developers, making it easier and more streamlined.

Homes England launched its new Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to mark a significant shift in the way the agency procures housebuilders, as well as increasing flexibility and accessibility.

For the first time, housebuilders are able to join the agency’s list of preferred developers whenever they choose. The Delivery Partner DPS is replacing the existing Delivery Partner Panel, which housebuilders and developers are currently only able to join when it is renewed, once every four years.

The Delivery Partner DPS will also be available to public sector partners to help them procure a developer or contractor to build homes on sites they own.

Stephen Kinsella, Chief Land and Development Officer at Homes England, said: “This new digital system marks a huge step forward, making it much easier for developers to bid for our land. I’d encourage our current partners, as well as those we haven’t worked with before, to get their applications in so we can work together to create great places to live.

“We are one of the largest vendors of residential land with sites for tens of thousands of homes being disposed over the next 3 years being channelled through this new approach.”

Applications are being sought from housebuilders who share Homes England’s ambitions to build more sustainably.

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