Christian campaigner loses court case over mother’s will

The leader of the political group, the Christian People’s Alliance, has lost a court battle with his sister over their mother’s will.

Sidney Cordle gained national prominence in 2014 while campaigning against same-sex marriage.
Mr Cordle’s mother Peggy died in 2016 at the age of 93, leaving a house worth £300,000 and £60,000 in cash. In her will, she left the house to her daughter, Rosemary Foss, who had cared for her
towards the end of her life. The cash was shared between brother and sister, with Mr Cordle receiving £40,000 and Mrs Foss receiving £20,000.

Mr Cordle alleged that his sister had manipulated their mother and used her money for her own benefit. He also alleged that she had made a “positive and deliberate attempt” to turn their mother against him.
He applied to have her removed as joint executor of the will. The court heard
evidence that Mrs Cordle had been frail in her later years and secretive about money, but her doctor had confirmed that she was “still capable of managing her affairs”.

The court ruled against Mr Cordle. Judge John Hand, QC, said: “There is absolutely no realistic basis for suggesting that Mrs Foss misconducted herself in respect of these matters.”

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