£600 million funding for new homes has been announced by the chancellor

A government investment of £600 million has been provided to build 50,000 in England.

According to Chancellor Sajid Javid, the new homes will be in high demand areas with money from the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF).

Potential sites all over England lack the required infrastructure such as roads, rail links, or schools. More of these allows more homes to become viable.

By supporting more local authorities the HIF can increase the housing supply, make more land available for development, create new infrastructure and support both the existing and new communities.

Mr Javid said: “I want to see more homes built in the places people want to live. But we need the roads, rail links, and schools to support the families living in those homes.”

Robert Jenrick, the Housing Secretary, said: “To build more, we need to provide the infrastructure and public services to match. This package will support existing communities and ensure they receive the roads and schools to sustain the homes being built.”

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