Working With Us

Looking for a new job at a dynamic, modern law firm?

At Lambert Pugh LLP we’re dedicated to helping clients through one of the biggest financial transactions of their life, buying, selling or re-mortgaging their properties. Our dedicated team serves clients across England and Wales and we’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic new team members to join our modern law firm.

What does joining Lambert Pugh LLP offer you?


When you join our team you’ll have ample opportunities for growth. We’re all about finding novel approaches and investing in new technologies to make the conveyancing experience better for our clients. This means there are always new things to learn and new jobs to take on for our staff.


We want our clients to progress through their transactions as much as we want our staff to progress up the ranks. Whether you are just starting a career in law or have all the experience you could ever need, we’ll be able to find the perfect spot for you in our team to help you move onwards and upwards.


Joining our team means help is always available should you ask for it. Together we are all committed to providing a high-class service to our clients and are always on hand to help each other achieve this shared goal.

If Lambert Pugh LLP sounds like a place you could thrive in, then take a look at our list of positions below. Use the form to inquire about any of the roles that interest you and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.