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Court outlines the scope of lasting powers of attorney

By Lambert Pugh News Team | March 15, 2019

People setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to protect their interest in case they lose mental capacity in the future should be given as much scope as possible to outline their wishes. However, an instruction that their attorney – the person they appoint to look after interests – should help them in an assisted…

Homeowners and tenants to get new housing complaints service

By Lambert Pugh News Team | March 11, 2019

The government is introducing a new Housing Complaints Resolution Service to cover the entire housing market. It means that dissatisfied homeowners and tenants will have simple and quick access to help when things go wrong. Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said the new service will cover everything from broken boilers to cracks in the wall and…

Gold-Diggers are ‘marrying to exploit the elderly’

By Lambert Pugh News Team | March 8, 2019

Campaigners have introduced a bill in parliament to prevent gold-diggers exploiting the elderly and the vulnerable by marrying them for the sole purpose of inheriting their estates. Under the law as it stands, a person’s will is automatically invalidated when they marry. This means that unless they make another will, when they die they are…

A delay in dealing with wills and probate could now prove costly

By Lambert Pugh News Team | March 4, 2019

Changes being introduced by the government could prove costly for families who haven’t yet dealt with the estate of a family member who died recently. The issue arises because since 2007, surviving spouses have automatically inherited the unused inheritance tax allowances of their dead partner. This has led some people to delay applying for a…

New agreements to ‘reduce house sale failures’

By Lambert Pugh News Team | March 1, 2019

The government is planning a new system for buying and selling homes that it hopes will reduce the number of failed transactions. Currently, house buyers can have an offer accepted for the purchase of a home but then pull out at the last minute causing then pull out at the last minute causing great inconvenience…

Court settles family dispute over who should inherit house

By cardelladmin | February 18, 2019

The High Court has settled a family dispute over who should inherit a house that had belonged to a man who died 17 years ago. The court heard that the man, a grandfather, had purchased the property in 1994 when he separated from his partner and wished to provide for her. He was then 73…